JC Fiberglass proudly provides residential fiberglass decking and roofing installation services throughout the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania Tri-State region.

Our Residential Fiberglass Projects Include:

  • Basic Recolors: Where the entire surface is sanded to expose any errors in the existing membrane which are sanded out and patched with fiberglass. All patches are then sanded smooth and the deck is wiped with acetone to help promote adhesion of the new gel coat.
  • Drip Edge Removal and Re-Installation: Older decks were usually installed with wood edges which can rot and allow water into your home over time. We remove all of the rotted wood and replace it with pvc trim that can never rot or allow water to penetrate.
  • Remove and Reinstall Entry Doors: In order to install correct waterproof door pans, a common issue with deck installations is that the doors are not removed for the installation of fiberglass into the door sill and behind the door frame.
  • Total Renovations of Existing Decks: Whether it is an existing fiberglass deck that is beyond repair, or any waterproofing material we have the knowledge and experience needed to get your deck or flat roof waterproof and looking great again.