Fiberglass Frequently Asked Questions – ANSWERED!

When you’re preparing to have a fiberglass project done in your home, there’s a few things you should know. Read through what we recommend:

  • All surfaces should be sloped a minimum of ¼ in per ft. for proper water run off
  • It is 100% necessary to install a second layer of plywood (1/2 inch minimum) over top of a ¾ inch subfloor surface
  • All entry doors and low hanging windows must be removed so that we can properly fiberglass into the sill to ensure no leaking occurs
  • Siding, stucco, or any other exterior finishes must be removed a minimum of 10 inch up all adjoining walls, and 6 inches beyond the edge of the deck so that we can properly flash up the walls from the deck surface
  • All walls should be counter flashed with some kind of house wrap/ vapor barrier to ensure no leaks occur
  • Wooden posts should be installed prior to fiberglass installation so that we can fiberglass up each post a minimum of 5 inches
  • Bolt in posts can either be installed prior to the fiberglass installation or afterward by pre-drilling each hole and filling with 3M 5200 Marine adhesive sealant before bolting the post support in
  • You can also install tile or stone on top of the fiberglass coating
  • Fiberglass resin gives off a strong odor during, and up to 24 hours after installation.

For Shower Pans:

  • Blocking should be kept the same level through the shower pan, and a minimum of 8 in. up on all walls
  • If the shower has a bench in it the entire bench should be covered so that we can apply the fiberglass to it
  • Benches should also have blocking installed along the entire back and down the sides of the bench a minimum of 4 inches
  • A NEW 3 piece drain should be installed prior to installation of the fiberglass
  • All shower pans must be water tested before tile is installed